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              Media Reports
              Kunming Inkyness Maternity Hospital Held Grand Opening Ceremony on July 20
              Source: 云南網     Time:2019-03-11       Publisher:






              All for the mother and the child's infant safety jili maternity hospital July 20 grand opening.

              As the country fully liberalizes the "two-child" policy, high-end people have a greater demand for maternity medical services. With the increase of medical service market for pregnant women, more and more people are sharing the "cake", so consumers naturally begin to worry about maternal and infant safety. How to find a reliable security in the market, both worry, and peace of mind, rest assured maternity hospital?

              On July 20, yingjili maternity hospital was officially opened in no.36, xingyao road, guandu district, kunming. This is the first high-end maternity hospital targeted at yunnan people. As a hospital affiliated to yunnan xingyao group, a well-known local enterprise, it is rooted in the new Asia sports city area, committed to ensuring the safety of mothers and children, and positioned at the high-end maternity medical institutions, providing professional maternity, medical-level maternity services and postpartum rehabilitation services.

              On the 20th, the opening ceremony of yingjili was held. The medical staff of yingjili made a public promise and took a collective oath, all for the safety and health of the mother and the child.

              From the gestation, the baby is born and the growth, the baby giri provides covers the pregnancy, the newborn, the child, the adolescent, the growth period until the perimenopause the specialized maternal child health entire process management service.

              It is known that yingjili maternity hospital is a maternal and child health services, focusing on the safety and health of mothers and children. It is based on the international hospital management standard (JCI), which is a universally recognized medical service standard and represents the highest level of hospital service and hospital management. It is also a certification mode recognized by the world health organization. Ying jili is determined to put "patients first" into practice and ensure the safety of patients by combining the national rating standards and JCI management thinking.

              Hospital obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, newborn, child care, anesthesia surgery, pediatrics clinical laboratory, pharmacy, image division, outpatient department, design 120 beds, the introduction of international advanced production Hugh integration (LDR) delivery, by humanized epidural and family to accompany deliser service, make delivery process more secure, more natural, more comfortable, more healthy.

              Baby jili maternity hospital with professional, senior first-class team, to ensure the safety of mothers and children. Baby angelique team of experts from China medical university hospital, shenyang penetration in the hospital, the first people's hospital of yunnan province (kunming hua hospital), the second people's hospital of yunnan province (general hospital), kunming general hospital of the Chinese people's liberation army (43 hospitals), the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university hospital (workers), kunming, kunming yan 'an hospital maternity and children's health care centers, children's hospital of kunming and other national and provincial 3 armour hospital. For example, li guiqing, chief expert of obstetrics and director of obstetrics, was formerly the chief physician of the first people's hospital of yunnan province (kunhua hospital). Director of gynecology tan yi, former director of gynecology of the second people's hospital of yunnan province (honghui hospital); He ping, director of pediatrics, was formerly the director of pediatrics in the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university.

              The hospital has a number of imported advanced medical equipment, such as the Japanese Belmont luxury automatic L.D.R. multi-functional delivery platform, specially designed for Asian body shape; GE Voluson E8 four-dimensional digital color doppler ultrasound clearly records the activities of the baby in the womb. These devices provide a safe and reliable guarantee for clinical diagnosis and treatment, health care and rehabilitation.

              Guided by the "patient-centered" philosophy of the Mayo clinic in the United States, baby care aims to provide advanced and high-quality medical services. So that the patient peace of mind, peace of mind, rest assured. Let the patient worry, basically reflect on the way that make an appointment and go to a doctor. Let the patient feel at ease, we accomplish strengthen the communication between doctor and patient. To reassure the patient, we try not to create crowding from the design. To facilitate the patient's directions and provide accommodation for the patient's family members.

              Like the Mayo clinic, the infant angelique that environment can help you to make a diagnosis and give treatment and rehabilitation, went into the infant angelique hospital, can feel into the bright color in the design of the hospital, according to the functional requirements of different departments and user characteristics, create a partition color themes, echo the emotional needs of children and women's groups, is committed to provide patients with a more warm and comfortable hospital environment.

              For example, the bright yellow walls of the children's health center are pasted with rich environmental graphics, the colorful ceiling on the service desk looks like the stars shining, and the orange seats with petal shapes are harmoniously matched to build a children's dream garden full of joy. Gynecological treatment area is used green department design, green have appease, healthy, good meaning, deep shallow green collocation is proper, build quiet, slow environment atmosphere again. The maternity ward is designed in the style of home. The wide space in the ward is provided with furniture, and it is also equipped with a separate balcony, so that pregnant women and their families can move freely and comfortably without worrying about crowded and noisy, and experience the general comfort just like at home. When early morning, pull open a curtain to look outside, still can appreciate the hanging garden that the hospital makes meticulously, bring good mood all day to you.

              Kunming yingjiili maternity hospital also cooperates with "xixiyuezi", a listed enterprise on the "new third board", to open "xixiyuezi yingjili pavilion", which will lead the domestic high-end yuezi service system into yunnan. Relying on infant angelique team resources to support health care professionals, including confined health care professionals, pelvic floor rehabilitation, newborn/his experts such as service, senior management team, "xi xi confined to medical grade professional service 24 hours devotedly care every honorable postpartum mother, let mother recover from physical and mental comprehensive duly to the ideal state.

              "Xixi yuezi" offers nutritious and delicious yuezi meals. According to the concept of "returning to nature, medicine and food being the same origin" in ancient China, the chef combines the scientific knowledge of physical conditioning with local ingredients and medicinal materials to design a perfect lunate meal with rich and balanced nutrition, beautiful color and fragrance, which can nourish and repair the body and help the mother to restore a perfect figure.

              The opening of yingjili maternity hospital marks the establishment of a high-end hospital in yunnan that focuses on the survival and health of women and children and provides all-round services for mothers and infants.

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