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              Group News
              Cambodia Angkor Palace Company Visited Shining Star Group
              Source: 原創     Time:2022-05-28       Publisher:admin






              Hong Ly, Managing Director, Dana Ly, Chief of Accountant, and Zemine Ly, Assistance of Managing Director of Cambodia Angkor Palace Co., Ltd., visited Shining Star Group for investigation and cooperation, in the accompany of Deng Bowen, Chairman of CCI.

              Director Ly and his team visited the Aqua in Songming after their arrival. The Inkyness Maternity Hospital drew the attention of Director Ly and his team during the visit in New Asia Athletics Park and its related supporting facilities.

              After the visit, Director Ly and his team came to the Conference Room to negotiate the cooperation related issues with Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group, Yan Jin, Vice President, and Ma Jun, Assistant of Chairman. Director Ly expressed his gratitude for the invitation of Chairman Yan. The visit gave Cambodia Angkor Palace Company a good opportunity to understand the development history and future plans of Shining Star Group. Then, he explained the finished projects of Angkor Palace Company, as well as the possible cooperation projects and land blocks. Director Ly said, “Angkor Palace Company wants to invite Chairman Yan to pay a visit to Cambodia for investigation. We sincerely want to be a partner of Shining Star Group."

              After listening the explanation, Chairman Yan showed his intention of set up cooperation with Cambodia Angkor Palace Company, particularly in the projects or land blocks related with the new airport. Angkor Palace Company gave positive respond.

              Cambodia is an important traffic node along the "Belt and Road" Initiative route, and becoming a hot spot for international investment. This meeting will be a foresight of overseas investment of Shining Star Group, and a good foundation for future cooperation and mutual benefit.

              Text/Photo by HR Dept.

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