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              Group News
              Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star Donates Epidemic Prevention Materials to the Ministry of Health of Uganda
              Source: 原創     Time:2020-06-05       Publisher:admin






              COVID-19 epidemic spreading around the world currently and the local anti-epidemic situation in Uganda is becoming increasingly serious. In order to help Uganda fight the epidemic, Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star a subsidiary of Shining Star Group, donated masks, protective clothing, goggles, temperature guns and other epidemic prevention materials to the Ugandan government.

              On the afternoon of May 28, Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star donated anti-epidemic materials to the Ugandan government, and the handover ceremony was held in the Ugandan Ministry of Health. Liu Jin, deputy general manager and Yang Cheng, manager of the comprehensive department of Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star, Dr. Dianna Atwine, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health of Uganda, and Harry Geoffrey of Uganda's COVID-19  epidemic prevention team, attended the donation ceremony to witness the handover of anti-epidemic materials.

              Liu Jin, executive deputy general manager, said at the donation ceremony that Uganda is a warm and friendly country, and the Ugandan government and people have provided great support for the promotion of the salt mining project.

              The COVID-19 epidemic is a common challenge faced by the Chinese and Uganda. since the outbreak of the epidemic in Uganda, Shining Star Group has actively responded by organizing the procurement of relevant epidemic prevention materials, fighting the epidemic together with the Uganda government and people, and making its due contribution to the cooperation between China and Uganda.

              Dr. Dianna Atwine, permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health of Uganda, expressed heartfelt thanks for the material donation from Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star, and called on people from all walks of life in Uganda to fight the epidemic with one heart and one mind to overcome the difficulties.  

              She said that the people of China and Uganda are good friends and partners. Now the COVID-19 epidemic in Uganda is becoming more and more serious, Chinese enterprises in Uganda have donated generously to help the Uganda government and people fight the epidemic together, demonstrating the close friendship and brotherhood between the two countries.

              She expressed admiration for China's achievements in fighting the epidemic, and said that the Uganda government is confident of controlling the spread of the epidemic in the shortest possible time and minimizing the impact of the epidemic on the health, economic and social development and livelihood of the Ugandan people.

              Liu Jin, deputy general manager of Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star (Left)

              Dr. Dianna Atwine, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health of Uganda (middle)

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