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              Group News
              The Group Held Work Meeting of After the Spring Festival
              Source: 原創     Time:2020-02-25       Publisher:admin






              At 9: 00 a.m. on February 24, the Group held a 2020 post-holiday work meeting in Meeting Room 1. Chairman Yan Yu, Wang Hailong, Executive Vice President, Li Cheng, Vice President, Cui Yawen, Chief Financial Officer, and leaders of each center of the group attended the meeting.

              At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Yan Yu made an in-depth analysis of COVID-19 's current situation and its impact on group related businesses, especially on commerce, hospitals and newly opened hotels, all of which were greatly affected and suffered great losses. At the same time, it is also judged from the impact of the COVID-19 on domestic and international economic development in 2020, hoping that the whole group will deepen their understanding of the crisis, strengthen their confidence from the crisis, and seize development opportunities. In addition, the chairman stressed that although the company has resumed work and the COVID-19 situation is developing in a better direction, but we cannot take it lightly, and we still have to strictly implement various prevention and control measures, such as daily disinfection, personnel monitoring and inspection, and so on. The group should urge and supervise subsidiary companies to continue to carry out relevant COVID-19 prevention work, ensure the occurrence of zero cases in the group and all companies, and ensure the safety of all employees. And carry out all kinds of work in an orderly and safe manner. 


              The chairman demanded that in view of the COVID-19, the leader of the centers and all companies of the group should bravely bear the responsibility, do not make excuses, regard the crisis as an opportunity, and actively look for countermeasures and solutions for the development of the company, what needs to be clear is that we will not change the target goals and tasks for 2020, and in view of the impact of the COVID-19, we have put forward new work requirements and arrangements for the centers of the group. The strategic enterprise management center of the group should fully play an active role in this process, supervise and implement it in place. 


              Finally, the chairman reiterated the importance of the development and work objectives of the mining sector of the group, which is of great importance to the successful transformation of the group, so the relevant work should be carried out closely around the task objectives set at the beginning of the year, and be prepared in advance. Do not fight unprepared battles to lay a good foundation for promoting the strategic objectives of the mining sector.

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