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              Group News
              Shining Star Group Held 2020 Spring Festival Party
              Source: 原創     Time:2020-03-26       Publisher:admin






              The 2020 Spring Festival Party of Shining Star Group was held on January 19. Chairman Yan Yu, Vice Chairman Yan Yong, Executive Vice President Wang Hailong, Vice President Li Cheng, Chief Financial Officer Cui Yawen, leaders of each center of the group and management of subsidiary companies attended, a total of more than 800 staffs gathered together to welcome the Spring Festival.

              At the beginning of the party, Chairman Yan Yu delivered a Spring Festival message, expressing respect and greetings to the colleagues and their relatives who were still work on the front line at home and abroad during the festival. “In the past year, Shining Star Group have faced various of risks and challenges, all colleagues forged ahead, and made a firm step forward for the transformation and development of the group. All colleagues have contributed their strength to the development of the group through their own efforts and expressed thanks, and hope that in the new year, all colleagues can closely unite, seize the day, live up to their time, do a good job in every work with their own wisdom and diligence, and work together to achieve high-quality development of Shining Star Group. ” chairman Yan Yu said.

              There were 19 performances during the party, which lasted for nearly 4 hours. The program is written, directed and performed by the staffs of the group's centers and subsidiary companies. Classic melodies, popular songs and various dance forms reflect each other, and creative elements and amazing performances take turns on the stage. The party kicked off with the stylish and rhythmic fluorescent dance. At the begging of the first chapter reviews the group's development history and prospects for the future with a very creative sand painting performance. Dance "Song of the Prosperous Age", "Special Dance Mix", "Youth" and other performances show the atmosphere of cohesion and common growth of Shining Star Group. The second chapter which the dances "Home", " Let the world be filled with love" and " Happy New Year DISCO " etc. reflects the spirit of Shining Star Group sharing joy and feeling together. The third chapter opens with magnificent big drum dance, and the performances of foreign companies such as dance "Traditional Bagan Dance", "Myanmar Water Festival Song" and guitar singing etc. show the group's road of international development. Finally, the chorus "Golden Years" brought by the group's Strategic Enterprise Management Center and Risk Control Management Center ended the program performance of the party.

              In addition, during the party, it was officially announced to all staffs that the group will plan to register a charitable foundation, and held a launching ceremony. At the same time, the chairman also commended the companies that had exceeded their annual target in 2019. The party also prepared a several rounds of lucky draw, provided rich and colorful prizes for staffs.

              Finally, the party slowly came to an end in the program awards ceremony. The whole party had a warm atmosphere and high tide, and everyone performed with brilliant programs, showing a high-spirited and energetic spirit. The successful holding of the party not only conveys the group's New year's wishes to colleagues, but also summarizes and affirms the achievements of the past year, and also provides a platform for the majority of Shining Star staffs to show their personal charm and narrow the distance between them. It has activated the cultural life of employees, created a united, harmonious and upward atmosphere, and effectively enhanced the cohesion of the team and the sense of belonging of employees. Lead all colleagues to devote themselves to the high-quality development of the company with a more high-spirited.

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