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              From 2013 to present . Global Development With Mining Industry As The Leader






              • On March 2019, Shining Star Mining Company is stationed in Bolivia.jpg
              • On November 2018, Inkyness Gynecology Hospital officially opened, China Credit Insurance Yunnan Branch, Congo (Golden) Copper Smelting Project Company visited the group.jpg
              • In July 2018, Infant Girly Maternity Hospital was officially opened.jpg
              • On May 2018, Dian Merchant Capital officially opened.jpg
              • On April 2018, the group signed a contract with Uganda Fortune Energy.jpg
              • On 2018, the Group signed a cooperation agreement with BAIC Group to form Myanmar Gold AYA Automobile International Group Co., Ltd.jpg
              • On October 2017, Shining Star Group and Sunac Group signed a cooperation agreement.jpg
              • On May 2017, the mayor of Yangon visited the Shining Star Group.jpg
              • On October 2016, the signing ceremony for the acquisition of the Myanmar Tata Project.jpg
              • On April 2016, Myanmar Tower Project Signing Ceremony.jpg

              Based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the Group invested a number of projects in Singapore, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippineswith independent international project companies. The Group stepped into an internationalized and diversified development path involving financial investment, commercial & tourism, hotel operation, urban planning and operation, automobile industry etc.

              Mining industry domains, the future development of Shining Star Group. The Group actively responds to the "Belt and Road" Initiative and relies on China's advanced mining equipment and technology, as well as the advantages of human resources to expand mineral resources around the world. Mining investment companies have been set up in Hong Kong and Kunming, and have successively invested in Bolivia, Uganda,Myanmar and other countries.

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