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              From 2008 to 2013 . Win-win cooperation






              • On 2010 Sep, Construction Ceremony of Canadian wooden structure housing was introduced to Shining Star the Aqua.JPG
              • On 2009 Oct,Zhang Gaoli,former member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,and secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Committee,inspected the Project of Tianjin Shining Star the World.jpg
              • On 2009 July, Shining Star Group Signed with World Golf Master Mikelson.JPG
              • 4.On 2009 May, The project of Tianjin Shining Star the World was awarded the 'Green Asian Human Settlements Environment Award'.jpg
              • On 2009 Feb, Land Signing Ceremony of Shining Star the Aqua.JPG
              • On 2009 Feb, Opening of Post office saving bank in the New Asian Athletics Park.JPG
              • On 2008 Sep, Group contract with CITIC Trust.JPG

              Adhering to the concept of “combining with and seeking cooperation”, we have cooperated with a number of group companies and international designing teams to develop and construct several super-mass urban complex projects, especially in the education industry, medical industry, pension industry, cultural industry, Large-scale public facilities such as sports industry and tourism industry and supporting construction and operation.

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