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              From 2003 to 2008 . Brand Management






              • On 2005 Sep, New Asia Athletics Park swearing-in meeting.JPG
              • On 2006 Aug, Yunnan Province Coffin Cover Industry Promotion Association Shining Star Student Fund officially launched.jpg
              • In 2006, American International Management Group IMG Cooperation Signing Ceremony.JPG
              • In 2006, New Asia Athletics Park won the top ten classic properties in Yunnan property industry.JPG
              • Signing Ceremony of Shining Star Hotel in 2006.JPG
              • On 2007 May, Global Village Kindergarten officially settled in New Asia Athletics Park.JPG
              • On 2007 May, the 7th National Paralympic Games was grandly held in New Asia Athletics Park.JPG
              • On 2007 May, Shining Star Group Yunnan University Secondary School officially opened and welcomed the first batch of students.JPG
              • On 2007 Dec, Shining Star Hospital officially opened.JPG
              • On 2007 March, New Asia Athletics Park Commercial Street opened.JPG
              • On 2008 April, Tianjin Shining Star the World Project started to construct.JPG
              • On 2008 June, Chairman of Shining Star Group represented Yunnan Province as the torchbearer of Beijing Olympic Games.jpg
              • On 2008 Sep, Shining Star Police Station held the license in New Asia Athletics Park.jpg

              Multi-format development has been achieved in the fields of business, including hospitality, education, medical care, decoration, sports, tourism, and property management. In 2008, it won the honorary title of “China's leading real estate integrated operation professional brand”, and has been among the top 100 real estate brands in China for several years, becoming the “one-running banner in the regional industry.

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