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              Shining Star Hospital of the First People’s Hospital of Kunming
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              Shining Star Hospital of the First People’s Hospital of Kunming set up under Kunming First People's Hospital Xingyao Hospital Co., Ltd., located in the New Asian Athletics Park, intersection of New Kunluo Road and Guangfu Road, south of Kunming the spring city. It was founded by Kunming First People's Hospital and Shining Star Group, which is mainly engaged in real estate development. It is the largest non-profit community hospital in Yunnan Province. Kunming First People's Hospital Xingyao Hospital includes Outpatient Department, Emergency Room, Department of pediatrics, Department of dermatology, Department of stomatology, E.N.T.Department, Andrologic Department, Hepatic Department, Anorectal Department, Pediatric Health and Development Department, Rehabilitation Department,Comprehensive Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Trauma, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Intensive Care, Health Checkup, Disease Rehabilitation Guidance, Community Health Services, Health Education, Health Information Management, Planned immunization ,etc.

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