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              Uganda Lake Katwe Salt Mine Project
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              The Katwe Salt Lake Project is located in the Kasese area southwest of the capital Kampala of Uganda. In April 2018, Shining Star Group signed a cooperation agreement with Uganda Fortune Energy Co., Ltd., which established Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star Co., Ltd., to jointly develop Katwe Salt Lake and nationalize Ugandan salt. The surface area of the Salt Lake is about 1.6 square kilometers, which belongs to carbonate type salt-alkali lake, and the elements of the Salt Lake are mainly composed of Na+, K+ and CO32-, HCO3-, SO42-, Cl-.

              Katwe Salt Lake is the only saline-alkali lake with economic mining value in Uganda, the solid natural alkali deposit has reached a large scale, with a proven natural alkali resource of nearly 30 million tons, and the pores of the solid ore bed are rich in intergranular brine. The total amount of brine is about 10 million square meters, and the salinity is more than 400g/L. The total resource of NaCl is about 4.5 million tons. At the same time, it is accompanied by many useful components, such as KCl, Na2CO3, Na2SO4 and so on.

              The location of the project is adjacent to Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Kenya and other countries. Solid natural soda and brine can be separated and processed into a variety of salt and alkalization products, and can also be used as important basic raw materials for local industrial development. Related products can achieve import substitution and can be exported to neighboring countries, the market coverage is wide, the future economic benefits are considerable.

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