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              Group News

              Bring Warmth and Blessings to Yuanyang School - Public Welfare Activity Record of Kunming Guild of Young Entrepreneurs

              On 16th Jan., as representatives of Kunming Guild of Young Entrepreneurs, thirteen members visited 400 students and teachers of Kunming Yuanyang School. They brought new stationery as well as one-to-one wishes and presents to the students together with new years greetings, wishes and the expectation and courage to the future of the students. 

              (Group photo of the guild members, students and teachers.) 

              This activity strongly supported by President and teachers of Yuanyang School, and warmly welcomed by all students. They call the members "successful youngsters". Just in two periods of classes, the students set up deep friendship and trust with their "temporary teachers". When the group prepare to leave, all students surrounded the car with reluctant feeling and attachment in the eyes.

              Kunming Guild of Young Entrepreneurs gathered a group of aspiring young people that are ardent to public welfare cause willing to help others and service the society. They not only set an example by personal actions, but also mobilize the people around them to take part in, such as their partner, parents, brothers, sisters, colleagues, and employees, to enlarge the group of kindness and love. Kunming Yuanyang School located in Wuhua District have tough teaching conditions. Most of the students are kids from nearyby village in the city whose parents are workers at the bottom level of the society. Some of them even comes from poor families lack of food and clothes or without definite residence. After knowing this, Ms. Yan Rui, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Guild proposes to pay a visit to Yuanyang School. All the members reached consensus and actively response.

              This activity received about 11400 yuan donation from Yan Rui, Wu Liangwei, Zhang Jing etc. and prepared new years presents for middle and junior grades. All the 51 members of the guild and their relatives prepared one-to-one presents and greeting cards. 

              "I wish them become giants, stand on courage and dream. Be themselves by themselves." said by Yan Rui, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Guild, the initiator of this activity.

              "I wish you remember your preciousness to fight with viciousness when you were overwhelmed; when you were confused, love what you love, do what you can, follow your heart, try to be the first and best." It is the wishes from Zhuang Guiying, member of the Guild.

              Wu Liangwei, Yang Qingyun, Wu Xinyi and other members also think this activity meaningful and fruitful, and should more contribution to the society. 

              (One of the greeting card to the students.) 

              (Splendid paper cutting class. )

              (Idiom class and award-winning questions and answers. )

              This activity also earned support and high appraise from leaders of Kunming Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce. When the activity finished, all participates think it a happy and meaningful day, expressed the willing to take part in more public welfare activity like this. 


              Xingyao Road Police Station·Kaiwei Property Management-Security Work Meeting of New Asia Athletics Park Held in Group

              On 26th of December, Xingyao Road Police Station·Kaiwei Property Management Security Work Meeting of New Asia Athletics Park held in group's meeting room. Mr. Wang Fei, Director of Xingyao Road Police Station; Mr. Yan Yu, Chairman of the Group; Mr. Yan Jin, Vice President; officers and polices of Xingyao Road Police Station; leaders of Administraion and HR Centre, Audit and Supervision Department, and Operation and Management Department; relevant departments of the group; Head of all districts of Kaiwei Property Management and above attends the meeting.

              Director Wang reported the security work situation of 2017, and raised the working ideas and suggestions of 2018. Chairman Yan made important instructions and arrangements for the security work, environment protection and property management of New Asia Athletics Park.

              Director Wang thinks, from the construction of the New Asia Athletics Park to it's utilization, during years of development, this community has expanded. The occupancy rate rose year by year. The jurisdictional area of Xingyao Road Police Station also extended. How to maintain community's stable and resident's safe become a question that Xingyao Road Police Station and Shining Star Group should make joint effort.

              Firstly, Director Wang informed the 2017 general security work situation of Xingyao Road Police Station. From 20th Nov., 2016 to 20th Nov., 2017, the registered permanent population with the jurisdictionall area is 49071, registered temporary population 7943, foreigners 70, total to 57084. This community have a high occupancy rate with much population. Here are large personnel mobility and frequent migration activities.

              According to Director Wang, among all the cases, theft cases of electronic bike were the most in number. In 2017, there are all together 511 cases of electronic bike theft. He pointed out, except for the comfortable environment which very suitable for riding electronic bike, mass electronic bike owners, and low cost of theft, it also have a close relationship with the standardization and the degree of the community's management, such as no people is in charge of the parking place near by the shop, no unified management of the electronic bikes, lack of supervision, no registration of the people goes in and out of the community, poor property management, delayed water and electricity maintenance.

              Meanwhile, Director Wang emphasized the distribution of public security facilities, types of cases happened and handling information of over ten community sections including Baihe Section, Wuhuan Fengshang, Qianzi Section, Xingze Section, Xingdu Headquarters, and so on. Up to Nov. of 2017, here are quite a lot cases happened in New Asia Athletics Park, among which Xingti Garden (southern and northern part), Xingze Section, Xingchen Section, and Xingyv Section ranked top in incidence of criminals. The public security situation is quite severe. In December, Shining Star Group made lots of effort on the regulation and inspection of those communities and sections. From 1st Dec. to 25th Dec., the incidence of criminals of those sections decreased significantly. Through the comparison of data, it can be easily found that management and inspection supports and promote the improvement of social public security.

              Afterwards, for the community security workday in 2018, Director Wang came up with some ideas and suggestions. 1 Install face recognition system in main inlet and outlet; 2 Set up neighborhood-guard system and take-turns-on-duty system in order to handle the parking problem in the entrance of shops; 3 Organize night patrol on business and public area with full-time security team to solve security issue on Folk Art Square; 4 Carry out collection and verification of police service with the community, and fully implement "one standard and tree actuality" (stands for the address, actual population, actual property, and actual unit), enhance working efficiency based on information; 5 Hope the New Asia Athletics Park comply with the trend of informatization to become a intelligent community and peaceful community.

              Chairman Yan replied, the numbers and information Director Wang brought is detailed and specific. It's a practical and systematic guidance and reference for the community security work. New Asia Athletics Park  is a project with high reputation. There are both local Yunnan people and workers come from other provinces. The well-established community management and good property management service is crucial to residents lives and their evaluation of community management and service. A good reputation will spread away, and so does a bad reputation. The advantages and disadvantages should be comprehend and understand by all administrative staff.

              He emphasize, the ultimate of community management is a matter of responsibility. We still have shortcomings in the improvement of community security and environment. Some administrative staff of some sectors are similar to a frog boiled in warm water. Their laissez-faire attitude toward years of problems resulting to doing nothing to the community's environment and turn a blind eye to the cases happened in the community. Pay no attention to the equipment’s maintenance, improper human resource arrangement, and lack of responsibility in the patrol work, caused various problems emerged endlessly. Under this condition, how can the owner satisfy our service?

              Combining personal experience, Chairman Yan pointed out series of matters in work: many technical prevention equipment was broken, not because they exceeded service time, but because those equipment was under no maintenance nor update which result in maturing and broken; the security guards on duty slept or doing things not related with his work; no inspection on people and cars come in and go out the section, the security box exist in name only; the formalism of patrol work only satisfy the surface work but no deep in heart; and so on.

              In this regard, Chairman Yan attached great importance to the problem of community security and environment. He said, we should avoid only doing the surface work. All staffs should be conscientious of their work to ensure a stable, safe and sound life of all households. The group has formulate and transmit the strict standard and requirements not long ago, and set up a special working group. In order to improve the community environment, we must start from the management system, by seriously punish the personnel and conditions such as negative act, irresponsibility and seeking private gain. Severe punish the previous criminal in order to stop the follower. In 2018, all staff should try their best to improve community environment. The Group will present higher, newer, and more detailed requirement for clean-keeping, engineering and security works based on the present situation.

              Before the end of the meeting, Chairman Yan said, the group will strongly support security work. Based on the ideas and related suggest Xingyao Road Police Station put forward, Shining Star Group will assess it's reasonablility, and issue a series of measures for further reform and implement. The Group, Xingyao Road Police Station and Kaiwei Property Management should stand side by side, and make joint-hand effort to make New Asia Athletics Park a peaceful and satisfied community! 


              Group Chairman Elected the President of Kunming Entrepreneurs Association

              At 2:00 P.M. 12th Jan., the First Member Representatives Assembly of the 7th "Three Associations" (stands for Kunming Enterprise Association, Kunming Entrepreneurs Association, and Kunming Industrial Economy Association) held in the meeting hall of Kai Wah Plaza, hosted by Peng Wenkai, the 6th Stationary President of "Three Associations". Over 400 representatives from "Three Associations", leaders and members of the Advisory Committee, leaders from County (Municipal) level's Entrepreneurs Associations, and officers from Three-party Kunming Mechanism attended the meeting.

              Vice Mayor of Kunming Hong Weizhi made an important speech at the meeting. He introduced and analyzed the situation of economic development and achievement in 2017, shared the economic plans and goals of 2018. Building Kunming a regional international centre city needs the efforts of all entrepreneurs of Kunming. He hoped everyone could make persistent efforts to open a new situation of Kunming's social and economic development.

              On behalf of 6th Board of Governors, Chairman Yan explained the Bill of Amendment of the regulation of "Three Associations". He briefly interpreted the changes and requested for deliberation.

              The assembly elected the 7th leadership lineup of "Three Associations". Yan Yu was elected the President of Kunming Entrepreneurs Association. Wu Jianguo was elected the President of Kunming Enterprise Association. Fan Xiao was elected the President of Kunming Industrial Economy Association. Xu Liwei was elected the Stationary President of "Three Associations".

              Other agenda of the meeting include introduction of election; passed the Work Statement of 6th Board of Governors; passed the 2016 Report of the Balance of Membership Dues of "Three Associations"; passed the Name List of new generation of Board of Governors; employed new generation of Advisory Committee; employed Han Wei as the General Secretary of "Three Associations"; and so on.


              A Enterprises' Union Fund Audit Meeting was Held in Shining Star Group

              On December 7th, a Non-public-owned Enterprise’s union fund audit meeting was held in Shining Star Group, deputy director of fund audit department of Kunming General Trade Union Chen, vice director of finance department Liu and relevant leaders attended the meeting, and the meeting was chaired by Liu Yi, chairman of the party committee of the group, about 20 people attended the meeting.

              Mrs. Liu Yi extended a warm welcome to all attendees, and expressed thanks to the leaders of General Trade Union and members of the First Group.

              The leaders of Auditing and Finance Department reported the relevant documents and train all participants the standards of audit work. The First Group also learned the union fund ledger and issued the site audit report.

              Kunming General Trade Union expressed the recognitions to Shining Star Group, and Stressed it needs to promote the work of standardization, strengthen the audit supervision, improve professional quality by the review team, to implement the audit responsibility, work together to promote the effective development.

              The work of the trade union is an important action to promote the development of the law of the trade union. As the leader of the First Group, We are confident that we can continue to do the work and promote the further development of the union.


              Congratulations to the Establishment of the Kunming Guild of Young Entrepreneurs

              On November 17, 2017, the first General Meeting of Kunming Guild of Young Entrepreneurs held in Kunming successfully. All the members of the organizing committeemade great contribution to the success of the conference.

              Present at the meeting were Yang Bi, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Kunming Municipal Committee, Departmental Chief of United Front Department of the CPC Kunming Municipal Committee; Cai Yongfu, Departmental Deputy Chief of United Front Department of the CPC Kunming Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Managing Deputy Chairman of Kunming Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce;  Sun Shiying, Director of the Administrative Commiittee of Science and Technology Industrial Park of Wuhua District; Zhang Yun, Division Chief of Membership Division under Yunnan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce; Zi Guijin, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of CPC Kunming Municipal Association of Chamber of Commerce, Kunming Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Deputy Chairman of Kunming Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce; and leaders from Kunming Guild of Young Entrepreneurs. They all expressed sincere congratulations to the establishment of Kunming Guild of Young Entrepreneurs. 

              Yang Bi, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Kunming Municipal Committee, Departmental Chief of United Front Department of the CPC Kunming Municipal Committee delivered an important speech. New generation of entrepreneur is not only the builder of socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, but also it's inheritor; the training work of new entrepreneurs is note only the acting point of united front work and association of industry and commerce, but also an important content of economic and democratic construction, and even of social and cultural construction. The cultivation of the new generation entrepreneurs is the "housework" and "private matter" for private companies, and even the "event" and "important affair" for the sustainable and healthy development of economic and society. Young entrepreneurs should firm the development confidence, firm the ideal faith, inherit, create, and endeavor to be the outstanding builder of the socialist cause. 

              At present, Yunnan Province is accelerating it's regionally coordinated development strategies to further promote development of the west regions and realize great-leap-forward development. The non-public sectors of our province is in the critical period of transformation, upgrading and innovative development. As the successor of private enterprise and new generation of self-employed, young entrepreneurs should shoulder the responsibility as leaders. At the same time, young entrepreneurs are important part of reserves for United Front Work Department and Association of Industry and Commerce. Therefore, it is of great importance to guide the young non-public economic participants being patriotic, dedicated to their work, creative, observe the law, integrity and making contributions; it is of great importance to cultivate and form a team of non-public economy that maintain commitment to the non-public sector in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. 

              Under the witness of all leaders and guests, the meeting passed the Regulations on Kunming Guild of Young Entrepreneurs, and elected new leadership lineup of the guild. Chen Hongrui, the CEO of Jiuji Technology Co., Ltd., was elected the President of Kunming Guild of Young Entrepreneurs. Yang Xiangrong, Chairman of Yunnan Jijifeng Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd., was elected the Executive President. Yan Rui, General Manager of Kunming Li Heng Investment Co., Ltd., was elected the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. 7 Vice Chairmans of the Board of Supervisors, 20 Members of Board of Directors, and 2 Supervisors were also elected through the meeting. This is another laurel Li Heng Investment earned under the guidance of GM Yan Rui, after being a member of Kunming Entrepreneurs Association, Kunming Enterprise Association, and Kunming Industrial Economy Association. 

              After that, Yan Rui delivered a speech as the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors themed as "stay ture to the original heart and follows the Party's lead, forge ahead seeks development". The speech entitled as "got a dream got to try, hand in hand to prosperous Yunnan" aroused sympathy among young entrepreneurs under the stage. Ms. Yan said, as one of the new generation of entrepreneurs, we should inherit the spirit of bearing hardships from older generation, shoulder the responsibility of promoting private economy's development, and be worthy of the name of entrepreneur. She encourage all members hold on to their dreams and dare to bear, making more contributions to the economic development of Yunnan. 

              Up to now, the guild has 69 members as representatives as industries, regions, nationalities and stages, covering industries like real estate, agriculture, retail, e-commerce, tourism, construction, trade and commerce, entertainment, restaurant and so on. The leadership lineup are big potatoes in industries, whom going to make solid foundation for successful of the guild. The guild will provide platform for study, communication, cooperation and friendship between new generation of entrepreneurs of our province based on the general situation of social and economic development. 

              Kunming Guild of Young Entrepreneurs will fully play its platform advantages, strengthen the communication between all sectors of society, accelerate cooperation and mutual benefit between private sectors, enhance the social responsibility of young entrepreneurs, and make contributions to the new chapter of social and economic development of Yunnan. 


              Chairman Yan Leads a Team to Yiliang for Gastrodia Elata Cultivation

              Chairman Mr. Yan Yu led a team to visit Yiliang County (of Zhaotong City) for gastrodia elata cultivation program on November 9th, along with Mr. Yan Jin, Vice President of the group; Mrs. Liu Yi, Deputy Executive General Manager of Administration & HR Center; Mr. Huang Hang, Director of INKYNESS Maternity Hospital; and other relevant officers.

              Under the guiding of county government officers, the inspection team arrived at the Gastrodia Elata Cultivation Demonstrative Base located in Xiaocao Dyke. On the spot where gastrodia elata were dug out, Chairman talked with Mr. Mei Chun, the Vice County Mayor, and the farmers, in terms of the growing principle, planting environment, planting technology, economic value, as well as the present situation and prospect of gastrodia elata industry.

              Related information from Yiliang County and farmers shows that gastrodia elata is rich in gastrodin,vanillin, protein, amino acid, and many trace elements, wihch has over 2000 years of history of being used as precious traditional Chinese medicine. In records on Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic, Compendium of Materia Medica and other ancient troditional Chinese parmacy boooks, the utilazition of gastrodia elata have functions like anticonvulsant, antirheumatic, sedation, relieve muscular spasm, analgesia, cure deficiency, suppressing hyperactive liver and calm endogenous wind. In China, gastrodia elata is mainly distributed in Zhaotong of Yunnan Province, Hanzhong of Shaanxi Province, Enshi of Hubei Province, and Qingping of Guangzhou Province. Gastrodia elata cultivated in Xiaocao Dyke is the best of the best with high medicinal value. Vice County Mayor Mei said Yiliang county government is actively guiding and generalizing cultivation and processing of gastrodia elata. There are great development potential in industrial development and investment in Yiliang county.

              After visiting the cultivation demonstrative base, Chairman Yan accompanied by Vice County Mayor Mei headed to China Museum of Gastrodia Elata. In the research and development processing, Chairman Yan took interest in the provenace of Xiaocao Dyke’s gastrodia elata and the cultivation and protection of mycena and halimasch. Yan thinks, the quality of gastrodia elata relying on it’s provenance. The uniqueness of Xiaocao Dyke’s gastrodia elata cannot be invade or harass, and should be protect as priority. Mei also showed his agree and approval.

              At 3 P.M., an Industry Symposia was held in the meeting room of Yiliang County Government, Zhao Jie, vice secretary of CPC Yiliang County Committee, Mei Chun, the Vice County Mayor, leaders of the relevant departments, Chairman Yan and members of the Group’s inspection team attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mei. 

              During the symposia, Chairman Yan said Yiliang is his hometown. He always full of sentiment when think of his hometown, and felt much sincere every time come back. After the introduction of Shining Star Group, Li Heng Investment and Dian Merchant, he said, “General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the requirement of accurate poverty alleviation in the 19th National Party Congress, but how to do it? The first thing come into my mind is Yiliang and it’s gastrodia elata industry. So, I have two main purposes of this trip. First, I hope to be able to provide support for higher education and basic health care, such as sponsor poverty students go to school until they are able to choose a career; and provide training lessons for medical facilities and professional medical personnel in rural health clinics, etc. Second, I hope to deeply examine the gastrodia elata industry in Yiliang County. Through the combination of investment and poverty-alleviation industry fund, truly reducing poverty by means of industrial development, and making contributions to the economic development of Yiliang. The on-the-spot investigation this morning made us have a better understanding of gastrodia elata. I felt vast potential for the cultivation, processing and product development of gastrodia elata. We are glad to invest in Yiliang County, as long as it will helpful for it’s tax revenue and empolyment.

              Vice Secretary Zhao and Vice County Mayor Mei expressed sincere thanks and welcome to Chairman Yan. They exchanged opinions and suggestions about special poverty alleviation, industry poverty alleviation and the gastrodia elata industry’s investment. They agreed and supported Chairman’s concept of investment. Subsequently, the leaders of the relevant departments of Yiliang County had an in-depth discussion with Chairman Yan on education, medical treatment, gastrodia elata, market, agriculture, engineering and other practical situations.

              At the end of the seminar, the participants also went to the Pioneer and Innovation Park of Yiliang County. There they visited the crop production, processing and packaging workshops of Shan Yi Bao Biological Technology Co., Ltd.. Chairman asked datails with the person in charge of the company. 


              Star Group Chairman Yan language in Burma economic and trade cooperation forum Fifth Conference

                   In June 13th, the fifth meeting of the Forum on economic and trade cooperation between Yunnan and Burma was held in Kunming by the Republic of the Union of Myanmar chamber of Commerce and the chamber of Commerce and industry of Yunnan province. The theme of the conference is "co construction, sharing and win-win" -- the construction of industrial parks in Yunnan Burma economic and trade cooperation".
              The conference is scheduled for one day with a number of agenda items. Government officials from Yunnan and Burma, businessmen and representatives of entrepreneurs attended the meeting and held a series of discussions on the economic and trade cooperation between Yunnan and Burma and the construction of industrial parks.
              In the afternoon of the "enterprise cooperation intention negotiation and exchange meeting", the Star Group Chairman Yan language as the representative of the investment business in Myanmar, the first to speak. Mr. Yan said in his speech that the star Yiu group began to step out of the country and go to the world in 2013. Burma, as an important station for star investment, plays an important role in the internationalization strategy of the group. At present, the group in Burma, Yangon has two real estate projects under construction and sales. At the same time, we are still actively engaged in real estate projects such as storage and building materials, steel processing and other upstream and downstream industries. In the process of going out, we have received the support and assistance from the Yunnan provincial government and the government of the Burma. We take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the two party government of Yunnan and burma. Star Yiu group will continue to respond to the government's call, and actively participate in the development and construction of the Yunnan Burma Industrial Park, as the economic and trade cooperation between Yunnan and Burma to do their bit.
              Mr. Yan language also introduces star Yao in Burma two project "Kantaya center" and "star sky Golf", and the relevant experience in Burma investment, exchange and entrepreneurs.


              Sincere visit, deepen understanding, win-win cooperation - "Burma business delegation" visit star Yiu group and its project

              On May 15th -18, "Burma business delegation to visit Kunming, the" Spring City "Xingyao group and project. Activities by the star group, Burma regional companies throughout the planning and arrangements, the group's units fully cooperate.
              The delegation consists of star Yiu partners, vice president of Burma Bao Yun group, Mr. Thaung Htike Min, and some members of the Burma Yunlong club, and some 20 owners and interested customers in the Burma project.
              15, Kunming usher in a long absence of rain, cool breeze with light rain, the hot away since the beginning of summer. At 4 p.m., the delegation arrived at the long water International Airport on time. After a short break, a group of people traveled to Songming for a project tour. In the evening, the chairman of Yan Xing group set up a banquet to welcome all distinguished guests. During the meeting, chairman Yan language made a brief speech, welcomed the arrival of the delegation, the delegation hopes to have a more intuitive understanding of the group and project, and new ideas and Thoughts on future cooperation. The delegation thanked the chairman Yan language hospitality, eager to know the project development Star Group's unique philosophy and corporate culture in the visit activities, build a platform for further understanding the cooperation of both parties in the future.
              On the morning of the 16 day, the delegation visited the equestrian club and Wyndham San Jose Hotel apartment. As a famous international hotel management group, complex project Wyndham will also settled Burma Xingyao group "Kantaya center" city, operation and management of the hotel. Subsequently, the chairman and members of Yan 's "Friends of the ball", golf club in the championship and wetland games two games. After the match, the prize giving ceremony and barbecue party were held.
              17, the delegation came to New Asia Sports City, visit Xingyao group headquarters office building, sports center, marketing center, Star Cloud junior high school, hospital and community. The new Asian Sports City, "mass, complete and sports city" concept, impressed the members of the delegation. Everyone said that Burma was at the initial stage of political and economic reform and the arrival of foreign investors, such as Yao Yao, brought capital and advanced ideas to Burma. Hopefully, one day, Burma will have a mature community like the sports city of new asia. On the afternoon of 17, also arranged for the delegation to visit and shopping Mabi chicken square, city shopping center and other places, let everyone enjoy the "no fly" spring beauty. 18, the delegation and his party ended the trip, and successfully returned to Burma, Yangon.
              The visit is a success, a more intuitive understanding of the partner and the owner of the Burma Star Group's strength and the direction of development, develop new business ideas, to lay a solid foundation for further cooperation between both sides.


              Burma regional organization "dumpling Xiangpiao - China Passion" charity activities

              To carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, promote the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, peace, friendship, fraternity, Xingyao group company in Burma area of administrative personnel in the Department of Chinese traditional festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, on the morning of June 20th the organization of the company more than 20 employees to Binnyarmay Bongdawtin Monastery (Orphan School), launched the "dumpling 1875 - China Passion" charity exchanges with teachers and students here.
              Binnyarmay Bongdawtin Monastery is located in the suburbs of Yangon, more than 60 kilometers east. There are more than 80 orphans aged 4-16 years, and 3 monks are responsible for the children's life, study and management. Due to the lack of the most basic source of life, the lives of children in addition to the local folk organizations'donation, most of them rely on the temple monks alms but, life is very hard, eat, live and learn in a large room to build a century in 70s in the bed, bedding, food and other supplies and classrooms, playground etc. learning conditions are extremely deficient, seriously affected the healthy growth of children.
              In the company, Burma employees to actively participate in, willing dedication of love, donated a total of 319750 kyat, the purchase of the edible oil, flour, dumplings and other life products and pencil, eraser, stationery and school supplies for the children, and to communicate with teachers and students, giving a deep love from the earth for them.


              Star language, new policy, we are in action

                    In June 2nd, the group of stars, the first "Star new policy" proposal, motion report will be held. The report will be organized by the group pedestrian center and chairman Yan personally. A total of 11 proposals were selected. The sponsors reported to the chairman one by one, and the heads of the units involved in the proposals participated in the meeting. The proposal involves human resources management system, electronic payment system, department cooperation, procurement system, community value-added services, brand promotion and sales, process innovation and other fields, all from the April 17th launch of the new star word policy "activities.
              Chairman stressed that as the group "strengthen internal democratic management, and encourage employees to offer advice and suggestions" important measures, the proposal activities required to form a system, held every quarter. The proposal focuses on work around you, asking questions and solutions. At the meeting, the requirements of all agreed on the implementation of the time node, and make a special report. In this proposal activity, the group pedestrian center and the property company organized earnestly, the proposal enthusiastically, has given a good start to the activity. All units in the group hope to take positive action in the three quarter. On the one hand, through the proposal activities to find and solve problems in the work; on the other hand, to the sponsors build a show, enhance their stage.
              The new policy of "star talk" and the beneficial attempt of enterprise democratic management
              According to the ACFTU survey found that, although the government has been implemented for many years, the reform of state-owned enterprises have gradually become the "deep water", but the enterprise democratic management concerns the development of the "short board", but did not significantly improve. There are still many enterprises ", workers rarely participate in the management of What I say goes." problem. Private enterprises in this regard is particularly serious.
              Corporate strategy and decision making often come from the "boss" or "a small number of responsible people", leading to the communication mechanism is only "top-down" to convey, and less "bottom-up" feedback. Voices from the grassroots are not listening, opinions are not normal feedback, and some decisions are not grounded". Front-line staff, the "acclimatized" decision, on the one hand, is required to resolutely implement, on the other hand, but doubts. Causes the execution effect to discount, the enterprise management risk subsequently increases. There are probably three reasons for this:
              First, the management staff awareness is not strong. One fence, three piles, one man, three help. Many managers are so talented that they tend to feel that their subordinates' opinions are unimportant. Even if listening, often take a form, do not mind.
              Two, weaken the democratic consciousness of workers. Modern enterprises operate independently and assume sole responsibility for their profits and losses, and economic efficiency is the key point. Some workers have misunderstandings and think that employees and enterprises are just employees, and they can't be masters of the family. Do a good job, get paid, Everything will be fine. In today's fierce competition, companies and individuals face multiple pressures. Riding a boat behind. In a sense of peace, work, wages, while ignoring a problem: if the development of enterprises is not good, they will eventually become victims. The continuous development of enterprises is the most reliable guarantee for employees. The enterprise as a matter of their own home, think of ways and ideas, the enterprise can be full of vitality. You'll get your exercise and your chance.
              Three, the lack of institutionalized democratic management tools. The formation of the benign ecology of enterprise democratic management needs managers and staff support, and needs the scientific system and the system. Making democratic management a habit and tradition requires constant effort and constant upgrading of management tools with the development of the enterprise.
              Star language, new policy, you and I participate together
              Star Yao as a multi industry, multi employees, international private enterprises, to achieve the management system innovation, more difficult than the average enterprise. Meticulous management, is the group leader this year to mention the most a word. Since the end of 14, the chairman has put forward the "talent echelon construction", "Secretary Training", "operation management center is the cradle of senior management" policy, and soon landing, implementation, become the system. These are all about cultivating people. Fine, means that pay attention to important points, small start, tapping the potential synergies. In the front-line workers, most understand the "small place" situation. Proposal activities, that is, to make "small place" sound, so that the problem has been paid attention to, be resolved. At the same time, allow a group of employees who have ideas to be tapped. The sponsors have the opportunity to talk directly to the chairman of the board of directors, to study questions, to receive replies and to arrange for the implementation, and also to embody the "fast implementation, simple and efficient". Let us work together to create an important platform for Star Management communication.
              Star Yiu, will certainly because of "words" and the United States, because of "policy" and strong.

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