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              Group News

              Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star Donates Epidemic Prevention Materials to the Ministry of Health of Uganda

              COVID-19 epidemic spreading around the world currently and the local anti-epidemic situation in Uganda is becoming increasingly serious. In order to help Uganda fight the epidemic, Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star a subsidiary of Shining Star Group, donated masks, protective clothing, goggles, temperature guns and other epidemic prevention materials to the Ugandan government.

              On the afternoon of May 28, Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star donated anti-epidemic materials to the Ugandan government, and the handover ceremony was held in the Ugandan Ministry of Health. Liu Jin, deputy general manager and Yang Cheng, manager of the comprehensive department of Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star, Dr. Dianna Atwine, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health of Uganda, and Harry Geoffrey of Uganda's COVID-19  epidemic prevention team, attended the donation ceremony to witness the handover of anti-epidemic materials.

              Liu Jin, executive deputy general manager, said at the donation ceremony that Uganda is a warm and friendly country, and the Ugandan government and people have provided great support for the promotion of the salt mining project.

              The COVID-19 epidemic is a common challenge faced by the Chinese and Uganda. since the outbreak of the epidemic in Uganda, Shining Star Group has actively responded by organizing the procurement of relevant epidemic prevention materials, fighting the epidemic together with the Uganda government and people, and making its due contribution to the cooperation between China and Uganda.

              Dr. Dianna Atwine, permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health of Uganda, expressed heartfelt thanks for the material donation from Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star, and called on people from all walks of life in Uganda to fight the epidemic with one heart and one mind to overcome the difficulties.  

              She said that the people of China and Uganda are good friends and partners. Now the COVID-19 epidemic in Uganda is becoming more and more serious, Chinese enterprises in Uganda have donated generously to help the Uganda government and people fight the epidemic together, demonstrating the close friendship and brotherhood between the two countries.

              She expressed admiration for China's achievements in fighting the epidemic, and said that the Uganda government is confident of controlling the spread of the epidemic in the shortest possible time and minimizing the impact of the epidemic on the health, economic and social development and livelihood of the Ugandan people.

              Liu Jin, deputy general manager of Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star (Left)

              Dr. Dianna Atwine, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health of Uganda (middle)


              Shining Star Group Has Invested More Than RMB 4 Million to Donate and Support the Fight Against the COVID-19

              Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Shining Star Group has donated more than RMB 1.1 million of anti-epidemic protection materials to hospitals and the general public. At the same time, Shining Star Commercial, has formulated a series of assistance measures for all merchants in the New Asian Athletics Park, yielding a profit of more than RMB 3 million. Before and after a total investment of more than RMB 4 million to fight the COVID-19.


              Charitable Donations to Show Love

              On February 28th, Shining Star Group donated RMB 600,000 worth of medical protective materials to the Third People's Hospital of Kunming to support front-line medical staff fighting the COVID-19.



              At two o'clock in the afternoon, epidemic prevention materials purchased by Shining Star Group successfully arrived at the Third People's Hospital of Kunming, including 15040 N95 masks, 50 sets of protective clothing, 10000 disposable medical masks, 200 goggles, and 45000 disposable medical protective gloves, which were provided to the first-line medical team of the three municipal hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, and held a donation ceremony. Wu Lei, vice president of the Third People's Hospital of Kunming, accepted the donation on behalf of the hospital.



              Yang Weihua, head of the Shining Star Charity, said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the vast number of medical personnel have been fighting the "epidemic" and protecting people's health. They are "the most beautiful retrograde people". Shining Star Group hopes to do its part to contribute to winning this war of prevention and control of the COVID-19.


              All Companies Together to Fighting the COVID-19

              After the outbreak of the COVID-19, Shining Star Group immediately set up a special group on charitable donation, held a special meeting by telecommuting, and under the leadership of Yan Yu, chairman of Shining Star Group, the group's domestic and foreign companies took urgent action to give full play to their own advantages, take a variety of ways to carry out the procurement of protective materials in an all-round way. The first batch of more than 50,000 disposable medical masks, 300 N95 masks, 64 sets of protective clothing and more than 40,000 disposable gloves have been donated free of charge to hospitals, police stations, traffic police brigades, merchants, owners and the public in the New Asian Athletics Park community, with a total donation of more than RMB 500,000 in protective materials.

              People Oriented and Take Various Measures

              "The epidemic is the order, and prevention and control is the responsibility." since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Shining Star Group has quickly set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control work, taking many measures at the same time, and regard epidemic prevention and control work as the most important work at present.

              Shining Star Group and its subordinate companies fully implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of governments at all levels, formulate a "epidemic prevention and control plan", strengthen environmental disinfection, personnel monitoring, epidemic publicity and other work, and establish a daily epidemic reporting system.

              Party members of Shining Star Hospital immediately submitted a "request for war", willing to follow the dispatch of the party committee of the hospital at any time and rush to the front line without hesitation; Inkyness Hospital implemented one doctor, one patient and one consultation room to provide free chauffeured transport services for pregnant mothers, isolating viruses without isolating love. At the same time, Shining Star Hospital and Inkyness Hospital respectively sent medical personnel to the front line of prevention and control, actively participated in cooperating with government departments to monitor highway junctions, kept on duty 24 hours a day, and resolutely cut off the epidemic channel with the working attitude of "would rather check again than miss one."

              As a property company in charge of 100,000 residents, Kai Wei Property Company strictly implemented the relevant prevention and control requirements of the government, formulated prevention and control plans, immediately free distributed masks to community owners, and launched free vegetable distribution activities and for the elderly living alone, people with mobility difficulties to provide a series of convenient services such as shopping and delivering food, delivering water, picking up parcels, taking out garbage, and so on, have been highly appraised and praised by the government and the owners of the community.

              Launch a Support Policy to Support Merchants Resumed Business

              Yunnan Shining Star Commercial has issued a one-month waiver of property management fees, garbage removal and other assistance policies for merchants in the New Asian Athletics Park, with a cumulative profit of RMB 3 million. Formally issued 12 of assistance measures to fully supporting all cooperative merchants to tide over the difficulties. 


              The Group Held Work Meeting of After the Spring Festival

              At 9: 00 a.m. on February 24, the Group held a 2020 post-holiday work meeting in Meeting Room 1. Chairman Yan Yu, Wang Hailong, Executive Vice President, Li Cheng, Vice President, Cui Yawen, Chief Financial Officer, and leaders of each center of the group attended the meeting.

              At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Yan Yu made an in-depth analysis of COVID-19 's current situation and its impact on group related businesses, especially on commerce, hospitals and newly opened hotels, all of which were greatly affected and suffered great losses. At the same time, it is also judged from the impact of the COVID-19 on domestic and international economic development in 2020, hoping that the whole group will deepen their understanding of the crisis, strengthen their confidence from the crisis, and seize development opportunities. In addition, the chairman stressed that although the company has resumed work and the COVID-19 situation is developing in a better direction, but we cannot take it lightly, and we still have to strictly implement various prevention and control measures, such as daily disinfection, personnel monitoring and inspection, and so on. The group should urge and supervise subsidiary companies to continue to carry out relevant COVID-19 prevention work, ensure the occurrence of zero cases in the group and all companies, and ensure the safety of all employees. And carry out all kinds of work in an orderly and safe manner. 


              The chairman demanded that in view of the COVID-19, the leader of the centers and all companies of the group should bravely bear the responsibility, do not make excuses, regard the crisis as an opportunity, and actively look for countermeasures and solutions for the development of the company, what needs to be clear is that we will not change the target goals and tasks for 2020, and in view of the impact of the COVID-19, we have put forward new work requirements and arrangements for the centers of the group. The strategic enterprise management center of the group should fully play an active role in this process, supervise and implement it in place. 


              Finally, the chairman reiterated the importance of the development and work objectives of the mining sector of the group, which is of great importance to the successful transformation of the group, so the relevant work should be carried out closely around the task objectives set at the beginning of the year, and be prepared in advance. Do not fight unprepared battles to lay a good foundation for promoting the strategic objectives of the mining sector.


              Shining Star Group Held 2020 Spring Festival Party

              The 2020 Spring Festival Party of Shining Star Group was held on January 19. Chairman Yan Yu, Vice Chairman Yan Yong, Executive Vice President Wang Hailong, Vice President Li Cheng, Chief Financial Officer Cui Yawen, leaders of each center of the group and management of subsidiary companies attended, a total of more than 800 staffs gathered together to welcome the Spring Festival.

              At the beginning of the party, Chairman Yan Yu delivered a Spring Festival message, expressing respect and greetings to the colleagues and their relatives who were still work on the front line at home and abroad during the festival. “In the past year, Shining Star Group have faced various of risks and challenges, all colleagues forged ahead, and made a firm step forward for the transformation and development of the group. All colleagues have contributed their strength to the development of the group through their own efforts and expressed thanks, and hope that in the new year, all colleagues can closely unite, seize the day, live up to their time, do a good job in every work with their own wisdom and diligence, and work together to achieve high-quality development of Shining Star Group. ” chairman Yan Yu said.

              There were 19 performances during the party, which lasted for nearly 4 hours. The program is written, directed and performed by the staffs of the group's centers and subsidiary companies. Classic melodies, popular songs and various dance forms reflect each other, and creative elements and amazing performances take turns on the stage. The party kicked off with the stylish and rhythmic fluorescent dance. At the begging of the first chapter reviews the group's development history and prospects for the future with a very creative sand painting performance. Dance "Song of the Prosperous Age", "Special Dance Mix", "Youth" and other performances show the atmosphere of cohesion and common growth of Shining Star Group. The second chapter which the dances "Home", " Let the world be filled with love" and " Happy New Year DISCO " etc. reflects the spirit of Shining Star Group sharing joy and feeling together. The third chapter opens with magnificent big drum dance, and the performances of foreign companies such as dance "Traditional Bagan Dance", "Myanmar Water Festival Song" and guitar singing etc. show the group's road of international development. Finally, the chorus "Golden Years" brought by the group's Strategic Enterprise Management Center and Risk Control Management Center ended the program performance of the party.

              In addition, during the party, it was officially announced to all staffs that the group will plan to register a charitable foundation, and held a launching ceremony. At the same time, the chairman also commended the companies that had exceeded their annual target in 2019. The party also prepared a several rounds of lucky draw, provided rich and colorful prizes for staffs.

              Finally, the party slowly came to an end in the program awards ceremony. The whole party had a warm atmosphere and high tide, and everyone performed with brilliant programs, showing a high-spirited and energetic spirit. The successful holding of the party not only conveys the group's New year's wishes to colleagues, but also summarizes and affirms the achievements of the past year, and also provides a platform for the majority of Shining Star staffs to show their personal charm and narrow the distance between them. It has activated the cultural life of employees, created a united, harmonious and upward atmosphere, and effectively enhanced the cohesion of the team and the sense of belonging of employees. Lead all colleagues to devote themselves to the high-quality development of the company with a more high-spirited.


              The Chairman's Speech at the 2020 Group Annual Meeting

              On January 19, 2020, the 2019 work summary and commendation meeting of Shining Star Group was held as scheduled, and Chairman Yan Yu made an important speech at the meeting.

              Why Did We Transform

              First of all, the chairman made a comprehensive introduction and comb on why the group should be transformed to the management and colleagues who attended the meeting. The chairman pointed out that at the 2019 annual meeting, it was also said that the group was considering transformation since in 2018, in fact in 2017 and at the 2018 annual meeting, it was also said why the transformation was needed. Now 2019 has passed, and at the 2019 annual meeting, it has also been said that the survival situation of China's private enterprises is only in terms of real estate, because the group used to be dominated by real estate. However, according to official statistics, 487 real estate companies went bankrupt or went bankrupt in 2019. In fact, this is only official statistics. There should be at least thousands of real estate companies, because there should be tens of thousands of real estate companies in China, large or small. I expressed my own view at the annual meeting last year that China's real estate has a development cycle of three to five years at most, which is why the group has to transform.

              Secondly, why did we transform, where to go, the group has also gone through a lot of research and discussion. The chairman said that 2019 also said many times why the transformation, today there are many new executives, new teams, it is necessary to tell you again, in fact, the group began to think about it in 2015, formally decided to transform was in 2017, the main transformation direction is the mining industry, has repeatedly organized the management team to discuss, based on the analysis of the nature of the real estate industry, that real estate can not be become the sustainable development industry of Shining Star Group. Therefore, it has been proposed to develop artificial intelligence, medical care and health, the Internet and other industries, but from the technical, genetic and other aspects of analysis are not suitable for the development of Shining Star Group, because we do not have the congenital factors.

              Therefore, Shining Star Group finally chose to transform to mining development, for four reasons. "First, combined with China's ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ initiative, the Chinese government supports Chinese enterprises to ‘go out’ to develop infrastructure and resources industry construction, and the mining industry is one of the resources. The reason why our government supports enterprises to ‘go out’ to develop resource construction is that China is a poor mineral country, 60% of China's resources are imported, China is also a big country, and resources will be one of the major factors restricting China's development. So, only with the support of the state, is it possible to develop this industry, including from financing, foreign exchange and other aspects of support. Second, the development of the mining industry cannot be replaced by any scientific and technological development or future development. But, many industries, such as lawyers and driving, may be replaced by artificial intelligence, but basic raw materials are needed in all industries of future development and with the development of economy and technology, the demand for resources will become more and more exuberant. Third, in addition, in the past, I have a certain understanding of the mining industry and some practical experience, which provides a good foundation for me to quickly familiarize myself with the industry. Fourth, the mining industry is an industry that can become stronger and bigger quickly within a certain period of time. To study many mining enterprises in China, the conditions for most mining enterprises to develop the mining industry at the beginning are not very good, but in just a few years, the company has been listed, with a market capitalization of as little as tens of billions or hundreds of billions. This is only a study of China's mining enterprises, in fact, there are many such enterprises in the world. In other words, the mining industry can achieve a market capitalization of 10 billion to hundreds of billions within 10 years, and the mining industry can become bigger and stronger within a certain period of time. " The chairman said.

              Finally, the chairman pointed out that it should be noted that the mining industry we are talking about today is different from the traditional development of the mining industry at home. We mainly focus on overseas countries such as Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. We learn from mature industry companies, build an international talent team, and set a 10-year development goal, that is, to achieve a market capitalization of RMB 100 billion in 10 years. At the same time, we have formulated 3-year, 5-year, 7-year and 10-year development plans, and the new executives and teams present here are invited to join Shining Star Group that is in order to achieve this goal. Waiting for the mining industry to achieve the listing goal, and then in turn to assist the group's well-developed industries to continue to develop, such as commerce, property, hotels, hospitals and so on, it does not mean that a certain industry is not important, but that every industry is important. The most important thing is that each sector needs to continue to specialize and build an excellent team, so that the group is willing to support your development. Whether the management ability, business ability and future prospect of each industry are worthy of the development of the group as the secondary and tertiary industry, which requires the management team of each industry to continuously improve the management ability and provide decision-making for obtaining the support of the group.

              What Managers We Need

              The chairman said that choosing talents based on ability: let our employees display their ability fully, we use the capable ones, replace the average ones, relief the incapable ones, which is the employment principle of Shining Star Group. The staff of the group has changed greatly in the past two years, especially the changes at the management of the group are particularly prominent. Now present at the meeting, there are many new leaders have joined, and many old leaders have disappeared. Why? Because some of the management who did not sit here to attend the annual meeting because they are failed to fulfill their annual work goals and responsibilities, and their work plans have not been completed. Since the goal responsibility letter was signed in 2019, I have communicated with problematic managers many times and said that work goal achievement is one of the important indicators to assess senior executives. Goal realization shows that you have management ability and leadership ability. The goal is not achieved, the plan is not completed, the budget is not completed, that shows that you do not have the ability to be a leader. Therefore, for some of those who continue to be appointed today, we should not rest easy, because part of your task has not been completed and the group is still under assessment period. Similarly, every executive who signs a letter of responsibility for goals today needs to understand that achieving responsibility for goals is the only basic condition that can continue to stay here, because if an enterprise is to develop and survive, we must achieve our goals.       

              The chairman pointed out that in the past, many senior executives often liked to make excuses and completely deviated from the corporate style of "resolutely obeying and not making excuses" in the group's corporate culture. Some executives lack their own ability, find excuses inside and outside of the job, or even find excuses from their own team, or even fail to build their own team when they get to the job. So an important indicator to examine senior executives is whether you have the ability to build a professional team to achieve your work goals. Instead of complaining about no staff at work, this is a typical excuse. There are also some executives who often find excuses to say that the staff in their team are not good, and will not find problems from themselves. In fact, if the team is not good, you are not good, so can you cultivate a high-quality team? Whether or not you have the ability to lead the team to achieve work goals is also one of the criteria for assessing whether senior executives are qualified leaders.

              The chairman said that we must adhere to the enterprise style of firm obedience and no excuses. The task in 2020 will be even more arduous, and accomplishing the target task is the only condition under which we can continue to fight side by side. Both department heads and company executives here need to have a high degree of awareness and bear the responsibility instead of making excuses.

              What Are The Key Works In 2020

              The chairman stressed that although the group's current transformation is based on mining development, it does not mean that other industries are not important, but balanced development. In 2020, we should first focus on the newly opened, imminent opening and construction projects. The group's Strategic Enterprise Management Center must ensure that the newly opened Kunming Inkyness Hospital, the Yangon Kantharyar Centre in Myanmar and the Dara Sakor Happy Home Master Resort in Cambodia complete the annual work plan and budget. The second is ensure the Shining Star Hotel Apartment the completion of the plan and budget after opened. In addition, the completion of the construction of the New Asian Athletics Park culture and brigade complex and the investment promotion work before the opening cannot be delayed. Because the work plan of each link is not realized, it will affect the overall development of the group.

              The chairman said that the second priority work in 2020 is the target goal of the mining industry, which is very clear, that is, the Bolivian project will start production of the first smelter in May of this year to achieve revenue. This goal must be achieved without doubt by the relevant team. After is to achieve the set target to expand production by October next year, and on the basis of determinable safety, we can move forward boldly and increase production, so as to lay a solid foundation for the group's mining sector to achieve the goal of listing.

              Finally, the chairman said that every link is crucial for the financial management center of the group to provide financial guarantee for the development of the group, only when every link is done well, we will have the confidence and ability to achieve the first three-year development goal of the transformation of the group. Only by achieving the success of the initial transformation of the company, will it be possible to realize the company's development plan for the next five, seven, and 10 years. It is also possible to provide protection for the well-developed industries of the group and ensure that the well-developed industries continue to develop.

              Therefore, we should strengthen our confidence in 2020. As long as we have confidence, the 10-year development goal of Shining Star Group will certainly be achieved. Let us work together in 2020 to create a bright future for Shining Star Group.


              Shining Star Group Held the Annual Summary Commendation Meeting

              On January 19, Shining Star Group solemnly held its 2019 annual work summary and commendation meeting, which was attended by Chairman Yan Yu, Vice Chairman Yan Yong, Executive Vice President Wang Hailong, Vice President Li Cheng, Chief Financial Officer Cui Yawen, and more than 280 senior management and employee representatives from all centers of the Group and subsidiary companies at home and abroad.

              At 15:00 in the afternoon, the meeting kicked off in a festive and peaceful atmosphere. The meeting was presided over by Liu Jianwen, general manager of the group HR & Administration Center, and was divided into four agendas in an orderly manner. The first step is the appointment ceremony, Liu Jianwen, read out the decision on the appointment of senior executives of the group's centers and subsidiary companies in 2020. Chairman Yan Yu, Executive Vice President Wang Hai Long and Vice President Li Cheng respectively issued letters of appointment to the senior executives who was by appointed.

              The second agenda of the meeting, was recognition of outstanding employees of the year. Liu Jianwen, read out the award decision for outstanding employees in 2019, with a total of 9 relevant individual and team awards, including outstanding party members, outstanding employees, outstanding leadership stars, loyal and dedicated employees, Shining Star special contribution award, best management team, best overseas project and best pioneer, etc., a total of 42 nominated. Then the leaders of the rostrum presented trophies, certificates and bonuses to the award-winning individuals and teams, and took a group photo as a souvenir.

              Then the meeting was entered the third agenda to sign the 2020 goal responsibility letter. First, the relevant responsible persons of each center of the group signed the target responsibility letter with the chairman Yan Yu, followed by the target responsibility letter signed by the person in charge of the joint venture company of the group with the executive vice president Wang Hailong. Finally, the relevant responsible persons of the group's wholly-owned subsidiary companies signed the target responsibility letter with the vice president Li Cheng. 

              At the end of the meeting, Yan Yu, chairman of the group, made an important speech. First of all, he expressed his affirmation and gratitude to all the staff for their work for the past year. In the speech, Chairman Yan Yu made an in-depth exposition on the reasons why Shining Star Group transformation, enterprise person-employing view and the key work in 2020, and also put forward new work requirements. He called on all staffs to continue to maintain a good state of mind and exuberant enthusiasm for work, strengthen the sense of responsibility, seize the opportunities for the transformation and development of the group, with rock-solid confidence, perseverance, uphold the enterprise style of rapid implementation, simple and efficient, resolute obedience and no excuses. To promote the development of the group and strive for innovation and resplendence.


              Cambodia Angkor Palace Company Visited Shining Star Group

              Hong Ly, Managing Director, Dana Ly, Chief of Accountant, and Zemine Ly, Assistance of Managing Director of Cambodia Angkor Palace Co., Ltd., visited Shining Star Group for investigation and cooperation, in the accompany of Deng Bowen, Chairman of CCI.

              Director Ly and his team visited the Aqua in Songming after their arrival. The Inkyness Maternity Hospital drew the attention of Director Ly and his team during the visit in New Asia Athletics Park and its related supporting facilities.

              After the visit, Director Ly and his team came to the Conference Room to negotiate the cooperation related issues with Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group, Yan Jin, Vice President, and Ma Jun, Assistant of Chairman. Director Ly expressed his gratitude for the invitation of Chairman Yan. The visit gave Cambodia Angkor Palace Company a good opportunity to understand the development history and future plans of Shining Star Group. Then, he explained the finished projects of Angkor Palace Company, as well as the possible cooperation projects and land blocks. Director Ly said, “Angkor Palace Company wants to invite Chairman Yan to pay a visit to Cambodia for investigation. We sincerely want to be a partner of Shining Star Group."

              After listening the explanation, Chairman Yan showed his intention of set up cooperation with Cambodia Angkor Palace Company, particularly in the projects or land blocks related with the new airport. Angkor Palace Company gave positive respond.

              Cambodia is an important traffic node along the "Belt and Road" Initiative route, and becoming a hot spot for international investment. This meeting will be a foresight of overseas investment of Shining Star Group, and a good foundation for future cooperation and mutual benefit.

              Text/Photo by HR Dept.


              Kunming Shining Star Sports and Fitness Complex Project Officially Started Building

              On the morning of November 3, 2019, the Kunming Shining Star Sports and Fitness Complex, the upgrading and renovation project of the New Asian Athletics Park, held a launching ceremony at the project site. Meng Chunliu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Fourth Construction Co., Ltd., Yan Jin, General Manager of the Project Management Center of Shining Star Group, Yunnan Shining Star Commercial Management Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Guokai Construction Supervision Consulting Company and other relevant responsible persons attended the ceremony.

              "Kunming Shining Star Sports and Fitness complex" is another work of the upgrading and transformation of the new Asian Athletics Park, which will become the largest comprehensive sports fitness project in Yunnan Province. The net land planned for the project is 41.73 acres. The construction area is 102651.87 square meters, of which the above ground floor area is 78063.63 square meters and the underground construction area is 24588.24 meters. The design of the project is based on the principle of people-oriented and serving the public, and strives to create a tourism, leisure and healthy urban life atmosphere in Kunming, so as to provide consumers with a new set of sports, health, leisure and entertainment as one of the comprehensive leisure place.

              It is reported that the project will be completed by 2020, please look forward to it.


              Chairman Yan Yu Attended the 30 Years Innovation and Development Conference of Yunnan Provincial Private Entrepreneurs Association

              October 10, 2019 China-Global Project Festival (Kunming Station) and the 30-years innovation and development conference of Yunnan provincial private entrepreneurs association held in Kunming. Business officials from 12 countries around the world and nearly 1,000 representatives of private entrepreneurs from Yunnan attended the meeting to open a conference on innovation and development with joint consultation, co-construction, shared policy communication, facilities connectivity, smooth trade, financing and people-to-people connectivity. Yan Yu, vice president of Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association and chairman of Shining Star Group, was invited to attend.

              The meeting pointed out that Yunnan, as China's radiation center for South and Southeast Asia, is an important channel connecting eight countries in South Asia and 10 countries in Southeast Asia. Yunnan is the core hub of more than half of the world's population and the south gate of China's "Belt and Road Initiative". In-depth "promoting the construction of Belt and Road Initiative" is a major decision made to adapt to the global development pattern, and is of vital importance to comprehensively developing and sharing with countries along the route, mutually beneficial cooperation, and speeding up the development of China's central and western regions.

              "At present, private enterprises have caught up with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." Hua Zefei, president of the Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association, spoke at the conference. Since its establishment 30 years ago, the Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association has grown from a private science and technology industrialist association with only a few dozen member units to more than 1,000 member units. It covers all the fields of private economy in Yunnan Province and plays an important role in the process of economic construction in Yunnan Province. Over the past 30 years, the Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association has always taken the promotion of the Yunnan business spirit as the foundation of its development, with the aim of building bridges between government and enterprises and creating a home for private enterprises, so as to provide pragmatic and efficient services for private entrepreneurs in the province. 

              Zhou Keren, former vice minister of commerce and trade of the people's Republic of China, delivered an important speech at the meeting. He said that the "Belt and Road Initiative" conforms to the general trend of economic globalization and informatization. It has a great and far-reaching impact on the economic development of our country. The state actively promotes trade liberalization and facilitation, which will play an important role in the development of import and export trade. It is particularly important for enterprises to change their thinking and find new ways of development.

              Yan Yu, chairman of Shining Star Group, shared the group's overseas investment projects and experience at the meeting. "Shining Star Group can be said to be a practitioner of Yunnan private entrepreneurs  ‘Belt and Road Initiative’  going out," he said. The Group's first overseas investment project in Myanmar, the 130000 square meter urban complex Kantharyar Center Yangon, has been operating steadily. Of course, the project is inseparable from the support of the innovative financial policies of the Construction Bank of China. The second project is the Mandalay Gold AYA Motors Project in Myanmar, which has been put into production. The third project is the Dara Sakor Happy Home Master Resort, which is invested in Cambodia. In addition, we have mining investment projects in Bolivia in South America and Congo in Africa, as well as salt investment in Uganda in Africa. At the same time, the group also negotiating relevant cooperation projects in Australia, Indonesia and other countries. Generally speaking, the Group mainly investment in the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ country and region. As long as private entrepreneurs dare to go out firmly and choose good projects, especially in the current major policy environment, coupled with the current financial policy of the banks, it is the best time to go out development. "

              During the same period of the meeting, the 2019 China Global Project Festival (Kunming Station) was officially launched, and a cooperation and exchange platform was set up with business officials of more than 150 "Belt and Road Initiative" countries to help Chinese private enterprises really "go out" of good projects. Bring in good projects in countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" route. At the scene of the meeting, in order to build up the confidence in the development of private enterprises, encourage private enterprises to develop in groups, and better contribute to the great-leap-forward development of Yunnan's economy, the Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association specially set up various industry committees and gave the license at the meeting.

              The meeting was sponsored by Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association and China Commercial Joint-stock Enterprise Economic Federation, and co-organized by Yunnan Branch of China Construction Bank.


              The Group Held January-August Business Analysis Conference

              From September 11 to 12, the Shining Star Group organized a production and operation analysis meeting from January to August 2019. Yan Yu, chairman, Wang Hailong, executive vice president, and all senior leaders and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting.

              At the meeting, overseas mining projects such as Bolivia, Congo and Uganda, Hong Kong Shining Star Investment, Yangon Kantharyar Center, Myanmar Gold AYA Automobile, Bangladesh Project, Cambodia Happy Home Master Resort, Dian Merchant Group, Star Talk Commercial Management, Hot Spring Hotel, Kai Wei Property, Inkyness Hospital, Shining Star Hospital, Shenzhen Maofeng Technology Investment and other domestic and foreign companies and projects report on their work respectively. Around the work tasks formulated at the beginning of the year, the responsible persons of each company reported on their work one by one in the light of their own project work characteristics, implementation, highlights, existing problems, improvement measures, and so on. 

              After listening to the report, Chairman Yan Yu comprehensively summarized the business situation of each company from January to August, analyzed the problems and shortcomings existing in the business activities of each company, and laid out in detail the main tasks and work priorities for the next step. It is emphasized that the Group Enterprise Management Center and the Financial Management Center should formulate and submit and approve further work plans and budgets with the companies to ensure the strict completion of the fourth quarter. Requirements of all companies: First, talent is the primary productive force, strengthen the construction of talent team, strict concept of employment, professional and hold post qualification certificate, strengthen incentive and assessment, reward and punishment; Second, strengthen the sense of responsibility, find the right problems, look at things from the perspective of development, always maintain a clear train of thought, and give priority to solving the urgent work that affects the strategic development. Third, do the work in detail, analyze and solve the problems realistically, set feasible targets for implementation, do practical work, and hand in a satisfactory answer to the group company by the end of the year. Fourth, continue to promote the steady progress of all work, further improve work efficiency, and make greater contributions to the overall strategic planning of Shining Star Group.


              The Group Held a Detailed Geological Report Review Meeting for Uganda Salt Mine Project

              On August 10, 2019, the group held a review meeting on detailed geological report for salt mine project of Uganda Rwenzori Shining Star co., LTD. The meeting was presided over by Ma Jinkui, chief engineer of Uganda salt mine project. Yan Yu, chairman, Wang Hailong, vice president and other leaders of the group attended the meeting.

              Liu Chenglin, Chinese academy of geological sciences researcher at the institute of mineral resources, Hu Shuya, processing design director and Hu Hanyue, mining design director of China Tianchen Engineering Corporation (TCC), Li Canxian, chief engineer of Shenzhen Zhong Hang Resources Co., LTD, Yan Sujuan, deputy general manager of Kunming Zhonghang Phosphorus Chemical co., LTD, and Wu Shengbin, mining design director of China Blue Star Changsha Design and Research Institute (China Blue Star Changsha Engineering Technology Co., LTD) etc. experts invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, the expert group listened to the detailed geological report of Uganda salt mine project submitted by Changsha Light Industry and China Survey & Design Institute, and review the report.

              During the review meeting, first of all, the panel of experts to the Uganda salt mine project detailed geological report gave full affirmation, the survey results are reasonable, scientific and authenticity, but also there are many problems. After the review meeting, the expert group conducted in-depth research and discussion with the leaders of the group and the project team on the product plan and mining plan.

              At the end, Yan Yu, chairman of the group proposed new ideas on the market situation, development mode, product positioning and overall planning and operation of the Uganda salt mine project from the overall perspective of the project, and communicated with the experts.
              The review meeting of Uganda salt mine project has preliminarily defined the development value of the project, mining scheme and implementation path, which has important guiding significance for the project to enter the next stage.


              Power of Youth - Gold AYA Motors Brand & New Model Launch Ceremony Successfully

              On August 2nd 2019 at 4pm,Gold AYA Motors Brand & New Model Q35 Launch Ceremonywas held successfully in Wyndham Grand Hotel Yangon Royal Lake. The event has unveiled a lot of excitement and surprises for audiences around Myanmar. Gold AYA Motors International Company is focusing on investing in intelligent use of technology to secure a future of comprehensive development. The event, with its perfect illustration of the first new Gold AYA Motor Model Q35, has shown Gold AYA Motors’ incredible potentials in Myanmar motors industry. 

              The ceremony has brought together attendances from China, Myanmar and more to celebrate the first grand appearance of Gold AYA Motors Brand and Q35 Motor Model. The attendances are:Chairman of Shining Star Group Company and Gold AYA Motors Mr. Yan Yu, General Manager of Shining Star Group Myanmar Subsidiary Company Mr. Li Jifeng, Vice General Manager of Gold AYA Motors International Group Company Mr. Yan Jun. Moreover, clients, distributors, over 60 media and 7 Myanmar popular celebrities were all joining for the memorable ceremony. 

              During the ceremony, Mr. Yan Yu and Mr. Yan Jun have presented the group company development background and Gold AYA Motors future development plans. The VIP guests of the event were invited onto the stage for the Gold AYA Brand unveil collectively. Followed by Vice General Manager of Gold AYA Motors International Company, Mr. Yan Jun’s product presentation on Q35, guests of the event were well aware of the multiple attractive functions and advantages of the product. The promotional videos and presentation videos of  Q35 were broadcast during the presentation too for much more comprehensive understandings of the product. 

              When the ceremony was coming to an end, Gold AYA Motors International Company signed confirmation for over 20 distributors’s partnership agreement. Moreover, besides these distributors, Gold AYA Motors has signed MOU with another over 30 distributors. So far Gold AYA Motors International Company have set up 4S showrooms in both Yangon City and Mandalay City. With a bigger and stronger distributor network, Gold AYA Motors is believed to be able to realize the nation wide network of sales and after-sales in Myanmar.

              At 18:00 on the event date, with all the guests’ attention and blessings. Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group Company pressed the button to unveil the first new model, Q35 was officially presented for the public. Followed by group photos taking with the new Q35, all guests joined inThank You Dinner Reception - Gold AYA Brand Night.

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