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              In the new era with new features, we started our new chapter on the new journey.

              Standing at a new historical starting point, Shining Star Group actively responds to the "Belt and Road" Initiative, adheres to innovation promotes transformation, and steadily follows the path of diversified and internationalized development.

              The steady faith, tenacious perseverance, and solid execution drive us heading to become the world top-class enterprise.

              We are committed to building a first-class international group focused on mining investment and contribute to the economic development of China and the world.

              1993 From Today Exploration Never Stops

              Since its establishment in 1993 and with over 20 years’ of exploration and practice, Shining Star Group has already possessed over 20 subsidiaries and more than 3,000 employees, with a total asset of nearly 3 billion dollars. It is an international and diversified group company. Taking mining investment as the main industry, the whole business of Shining Star Group includes mining, salt chemical industry, commercial development & management, automobile manufacture, hotel, hospital, property management, agriculture, real estate development,sports and supporting operation, and so on.

              Based in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Kunming, the Group’s footprints spread all over to Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa.

              Nowadays, Shining Star Group goes global with its international vision, broad mind of harmonious co-existence, responsibility of developing enterprise by great virtue and spirit of pursuing excellence. “Star shining in the universe to benefit the general public.” Shining Star Group is writing a bright new chapter on the new journey of development.

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