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              Social Welfare

              Shining Star Group has been associating the business development goals and values with the interests of the country and its people since its establishment. It adheres to the corporate responsibility of “managing a company with virtues and kindness, developing it with integrity and honesty; coming from and giving back to the society” to actively participate in the charity cause.

              So far, Shining Star Group has made donations valuing over USD 11 million to National Youth Foundation, Yunnan Guangcai Program Promotion, and so on, and invested nearly USD 150 million to social welfare facilities, contributing to the harmonious development of the society.

              1. On February 28, 2020, Shining Star Group donated RMB 600,000 worth of medical protective materials to the Third People's Hospital of Kunming to support front-line medical staff fighting the COVID-19.
              2. On February 26, 2020, during the COVID-19, Yunnan Shining Star Commercial has issued a one-month waiver of property management fees, garbage removal and other assistance policies for merchants in the New Asian Athletics Park, with a cumulative profit of RMB 3 million.
              3. On February,2020, during the COVID-19, donation of more than RMB 500,000 in protective materials to hospitals, police stations, traffic police brigades, merchants, owners and the public in the New Asian Athletics Park community.
              4. In October 2019, Shining Star Group and its subsidiaries donated RMB 108539.6 of charity money to the staff of Kai Wei Property Company which suffering from the cancer.
              5. In July 2019, Shining Star Group and its subsidiary Kai Wei property management company donated RMB 66352.5 of charity money to the staff which suffering from the cancer.
              6. June 14, 2019, Yunnan Gongshan Biological Development Co., ltd. donated RMB10, 000 to "Yang Shanzhou memorial forest ? medicine cultivation poverty alleviation demonstration project" and won the “Greening Yunnan and Credit Centuries” honorary title.
              7. 2018-2021 Shining Star Group launched the “Shining Star Students, Achieve Dreams" Award and Grant Scheme to support many impoverished students in Yunnan XinXing Vocational College, has donated a total of RMB 200,000 now.
              8. 2017 A donation of RMB 1,020,000 to Yunnan Luminous Enterprise Promotion Association to improve the rural highway construction in Jingdong Yi Autonomous County of Puer City.
              9. September 2012, a donation of RMB 1,200,000 to Yiliang County, Zhaotong City of Yunnan Province for its earthquake disaster.
              10. April 2010, a donation of RMB 1,130,000 to Drought Relief for Yunnan Province.
              11. May 2009, a donation of RMB 1,130,000 to the Dianchi Lake Governance Fund Committee in Kunming for environment protection.
              12. November 2008, a donation of RMB 220,000 to Yunnan Luminous Enterprise Promotion Association to alleviate poverty and set up social public welfare undertakings.
              13. May 2008, a donation of 1,800,000 to Wenchuan disaster-stricken areas through Kunming Federation of Industry and Commerce, Kunming Federation of Trade Unions and Kunming Red Cross Society and many other units.
              14. February 2008, 5000 new quilts (worth RMB 460,000) donated to the people of Zhaotong Yiliang snow disaster area; the staffs of Shining Star Group also donated 1196 clothes and RMB 28550.
              15. May 2007, a donation of more than RMB 1,000,000 to support the holding of the seventh Paralympic Games and reward the winners of the Paralympic Games.
              16. August 2006, at the launch and foundation laying ceremony of Shining Star Glorious Primary School in Yiliang County, Zhaotong, Shining Star Group donated RMB 3.6 million at one time for the construction of a number of glorious primary schools.
              17. August 2006, Shining Star Group injected RMB 1,000,000 into the Shining Star Student Assistance Fund and subsequently extra increased more than RMB 480,000.
              Glory Primary Schools
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