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              Relying on over 20 years’ management experience and strong capital support of Shining Star Group, Dian Merchant Capital sets up base in Shenzhen and business involves funds, equity investments, alternative investments, asset management andfinancing, etc. It focuses on the fields of mining resource, cultural tourism, health &medical, science and technology, consumption, agriculture, and so on which expands business across China, Southeast Asia, Africa, as well as countries along the “Belt and Road”. It seeks high-growth projects at home and abroad to brings excess benefits to investors and helps invested companies to develop at the same time.

              The funds we cooperated with include Geekhouse Equity Fund, Singapore Insignia Fund, Zeyu Fund, etc. The investment projects include JD Logistics, JD Finance, 9AM Smart Office System, Huada Fund, Quantified Health, Decode Genes, Inkyness Maternity Hospital, Uganda Lake Katwe Salt Chemical Project, Shenzhen Maofeng Agriculture Projcet, and so on.

              Investment projects also include Das Master automobile steward, Hold Distributed Media, Sanjieke Learning Community,Pocket Noir Smart Product Release Platform, Igloohome Smart Lock, Carro automobile Trading Platform, Cocowork Shared Office, ShipperLogistics, PayfazzMobile Payment, ZSY Financial Technology, Yi Auto automobile service platform, Laser Fleet, etc.

              In addition, Dian Merchant Capital provides strong financial support for domestic enterprises to “going global” with diversified, customized and innovative financing plans. Representing projects include financing plan for Myanmar Kantharyar Centre and Myanmar Mandalay Gold AYA Motors, etc.

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